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How do I remove the products I don't eat from my meal plan?

Go to profile settings, click on Change Meal Plan, and answer onboarding questions again, excluding the food you don't eat\like. 

img-dance_profile_step1.png img-dance_editprofilemeal_step2.png img-dance_onboardingcarbs_step3.png img-dance_onboardingdiet_step4.png img-dance_onboardingprotein_step5.png img-dance_onboardingotherfood_step6.png img-dance_onboardinveggy_step7.png

Please kindly note you can substitute the recipe by choosing a certain ingredient from it and selecting one of the recipes containing this ingredient: 

img-dance_recipedetail_step1.png img-dance_productdetail_step2.png

Also, our team is currently working on advancing the range of suggested foods and recipes, including the ability to specify specific allergies and preferences. The option is expected to be available within one of the nearest updates.
Meanwhile, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] whenever you need substitutes for specific foods.