Exercise recommendations

Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is good for you! But don't just trust us, trust them...


Healthy Diet

Macronutrient ratio: carbohydrates 40%, protein 30%, fat 30%.

Keto Diet

Macronutrient ratio: carbohydrates 5%, protein 25%, fat 75%.

Calorie recommendations

The calorie recommendation is based on the Harris-Benedict formula which gives the user a BMR (Basal metabolic rate) (see calculation below). Based on the BMR, activity level and goal we recommend the user a daily calorie intake amount.

  • BMR = 10 * weight(kg) + 6.25 * height(cm) - 5 * age(y) + 5 (man)
  • BMR = 10 * weight(kg) + 6.25 * height(cm) - 5 * age(y) - 161 (woman)

The recommended pace of gaining and losing weight depends on the individual energy requirements. For weight loss and weight gain, we recommend a slow and steady pace that works over a longer period of time with a maximum of 1 kg / 2.2 lb per week.

Calorie recommendations for Meal Plans

The Meal Plans for weight loss suggests a daily intake of 1300-2000 calories. If the individual energy requirement is above 2100 calories, we recommend adjusting the calorie intake according to the individual need in order to not suffer a large calorie deficit.